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How to Hang an Open Sign in Your Window: A Comprehensive Guide

Open Sign

When it comes to hanging an open sign in your business window, not only does the sign serve as a communication tool indicating that you are ready for business, but it also enhances your storefront’s appeal. Proper installation ensures visibility and durability, all while complementing your shops aesthetics. Here’s a detailed guide on howto hang your open sign effectively, using the most efficient materials and methods.

Understanding the Basics of Neon and LED Signs

Before you hang your sign, it’s essential to decide whether you want a neon or an LED sign. Neon signs are renowned for their bright, uninterrupted glow, making them visible both day and night. However, LED signs are gaining popularity due to their energy efficiency and longer lifespan. LED signs can save up to 70% more energy than traditional neon signs and have been engineered to last with minimal maintenance requirements accoring to Bizfluent.

Choosing the Right Location

The placement of your open sign can significantly affect its visibility and effectiveness. Ideal locations are usually at eye level where it’s most visible to passersby, yet doesn't obstruct the view into the store. Check out some neon sign location ideas here. Ensure there's an electrical outlet nearby to avoid the use of extension cords, which can be unsightly and hazardous.

Materials Needed for Installation

  • Acrylic Sheet: Acts asthe backing for the sign, providing support and allowing easy installation in the window.
  • Neon or LED Sign Kit: Includes the sign itself and mounting hardware.
  • Tube Supports (for neon signs): These secure the neon tubes to the acrylic backing.
  • Drill and Drill Bits: For creating mounting holes in the acrylic.
  • Chains and S-Hooks: For suspending the sign from the window frame or ceiling.
  • Strong Adhesive: To attach the sign tothe acrylic if not using a framed or pre-mounted option.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

  1. Prepare the Acrylic Backing: Clean the surface and drill holes at the top for the chains. It’s vital to start with the smallest bit and gradually increase the size to prevent cracking the acrylic.
  2. Mount the Sign to the Acrylic: If using neon, attach the tube supports to the sign and then to the acrylic. For LED signs, the process may vary dependng on the kit instructions.
  3. Hang the Sign: Attach chains to the acrylic and use S-hooks to hang the sign from the ceiling or window frame securely. Ensure the sign is stable and evenly balanced to prevent tilting or swinging.

Maintenance Care

According to Spellbrite, Regular cleaning and inspections will ensure your sign remains vibrant and fully operational. For neon signs, make sure the tubes are free of dust and debris, which can diminish brightness. LED signs typically require less maintenance but should occasionally be checked for any electricl issues.

Why Choose Vibe Neon Sign for Your Open Sign?

After setting up your sign, it’s crucial to consider where you purchase your signage. Vibe Neon Sign offers a variety of high-quality, durable neon and LED signs that can enhance your business's visibility and curb appeal. Shop with us now customizable options, you can select a design that perfectly fits your business’s theme and message. Not only do our signs come with all necessary installation components, but wealso provide excellent customer support to ensure your sign continues to make a brilliant impression for years to come.

Incorporating an open sign into your business setup isn’t just about utility; it’s also an opportunity to make a first impression. With the right tools and guidance, you can install a sign that attracts more customers and genunely represents your business’s welcoming ethos. Whether you choose neon for its classic glow or LED for its efficiency and longevity, the proper sign can significantly contribute to your business’s success.


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