Neon Sign FAQs

What's the difference between LED neon or traditional glass neon?

LED neon is pretty much the superstar in the neon world. It's all about giving you those bright, eye-catching vibes with a bunch of perks. We're talking major durability, less energy consumption (hello, lower electric bills!), and it’s a breeze to install. Plus, it's safer and lasts longer, which is a total win. Glass neon? It's classic and has that old-school cool, but it’s fragile and a bit of an energy hog. So if you’re leaning towards something more modern, eco-friendly, and user-friendly, LED neon is your go-to. Trust me, it’s a choice you’ll love more with every glowing moment.

How much does a custom sign cost?
Our custom neon signs are pretty wallet-friendly. The final tag depends on how big you're going and the design details. Curious? Tinker with the custom product page for a quick quote, or shoot us an email. We're here to make it work for you.

Is there a warranty on the products?
Yes, and it’s a good one! All our neon babies come with a 2-year warranty.

Are outdoor neon signs available?
Absolutely! Whether you're decking out an event or jazzing up your outdoor space, we’ve got waterproof options ready to roll. Just let us know what you're thinking when you drop us your custom order, or pick directly from our product page. Outdoor glam, here you come!

How do I install my neon sign?
Fear not; it’s super straightforward. Each neon sign comes ready to make its debut in your space, with free mounting kits or optional adhesive pads. Whether you want it wall-mounted or hanging, we’ve prepped everything you need. Need a hand? Our handy manual haS all the details.

How can I ensure my sign is working correctly?
Plug it in and let it shine! If it's all systems go, you're golden. Got a dimmer or remote? Play around with the brightness and flashing modes to see the magic happen. If something’s not lighting up your life, just email us. We’re on it.

What should I do if my sign isn't working?
First off, don’t stress. Check the power supply – a tiny light will tell you it’s working. Next, eyeball the LED controller by connecting the sign directly to the power supply. Still no glow? Email us stat. Whether it’s within warranty or not, we’ll figure out the best move, together.

Do you offer international shipping?
You bet! We're sending good vibes (and signs) worldwide.

How long does shipping take?
For US, it's  7-10 business days. Flying further afield? Expect 10-12 business days. Remember, it’s all about the journey after it leaves our loving hands. You'll have a tracking number provided to you.

My tracking status is MIA?
Tracking can be a bit shy sometimes. Give it up to 7 business days to come out of hiding. If it’s playing hard to get for more than 10 days, shoot us an email. We’re here to make sure your neon love story has a happy ending.

What payment methods do you accept?
We’re all about making it easy. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal – you name it, we probably accept it. Once you’re set with the design, you’ll get an invoice to make the magic happen. Then it’s straight to production with your sign.

Can I cancel my order?
The clock’s ticking! You've got a 12-hour grace period post-order to hit the brakes. Our creations are personalized just for you, so we move fast to get them into production. Double-check your choices before sending them our way.

Can I return my product?
Since each piece is crafted to your specs, we’re all in once production starts. We can sort out refunds or exchanges for any oops moments on our part, but all sales are final.