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open signOpen Sign in Beautiful Neon at Vibe Neon Sign. On Sale now. A simple yet effective way for small businesses to attract customers and let them know that the store is open for business. These signs can be placed in the window or on the door of a store and are often illuminated to make them more visible to passersby.

There are several benefits to using an open sign for small businesses:
  • Increased foot traffic: An open sign is a clear indication to potential customers that the store is open and ready to serve them. This can encourage more foot traffic and potentially increase sales.
  • Easy to use: Open sign is easy to install and use, requiring minimal effort on the part of the business owner. It can be turned on and off as needed and does not require any special maintenance.
  • Customizable: Open signs can be customized to match the branding and style of the business. This helps to create a cohesive and professional image for the store.
  • Cost-effective: Open signs are a cost-effective way to advertise the availability of a store. They are a one-time purchase and do not require ongoing expenses like other forms of advertising..
Are people aware that you are open? When properly placed, neon open signs do more than just announce your opening hours. They offer your customers a warm welcome! We offer a wide range of neon open signs. Browse our selection with confidence knowing you're getting the best price.


All kinds of neon open signs are available for sale at our store. Don't forget that you are making an investment when you buy an open sign. Vibe Neon's neon open signs are an effective, cost-efficient way to advertise

Are your open signs led or neon?

We use high quality led materials to create our unique open signs. 

Can the open sign be used outdoors.

Yes, but we do recommend them to be used indoors for longer lifespan. If operating a storefront business, place open sign behind front window glass.

Do you also sell on Amazon?

We currently do not sell our products on Amazon.